The Electric Garage Space

Description of usage

The Electric Garage is an important part of ChargeCar, where electric car and hybrid electric car research is taking place inside the building that was formerly the University Exxon gasoline station on Forbes Avenue. The parking space surrounding this building is part of the Electric Garage, and this document describes our usage policy for this space. Note that the policy has changed recently as the number of electric vehicles has significantly increased:

During non-business hours, an important use of the Electric Garage apron is as an outreach space. ChargeCar is dedicated to direct community engagement in issues of sustainable transportation, and this space enables multiple types of specially organized events to be held in the heart of Oakland, including:
  • Public outdoor film screenings on the outside of the garage building.
  • Open House barbecues where the public is informed of local progress in transportation technology
  • Invited lectures by guests able to inform the public regarding the electricity industry, the energy sector and the politics of EV's. Guests have included technical guests, documentary filmmakers and political representatives
  • School tours of electric car facilities at the Electric Garage

In addition, we have formulated a parking policy for the Electric Garage apron while endeavoring to provide sufficient free parking to enable members of the public to charge their electric vehicles, and in compliance with the terms of the Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant (AFIG) from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Therefore, the eight Eaton high-speed, level 2, charging stations and the Tesla HPWC charger installed primarily along the western edge of the Electric Garage apron will be open for public EV charging during business hours for a maximum of four hours parking-and-charging, starting in the Autumn of 2014. Automatic meters similar to those used by the City of Pittsburgh will enable additional charging time for a fee.

The remaining parking spots will be administered by Carnegie Mellon parking as of Autumn 2014. In accordance with the mission of the Electric Garage, CMU will offer these parking permits specifically to CMU community members with electric vehicles and plug-in vehicles with priority. To maximize the number of such spaces, Zipcar will move to another portion of the campus as of Autumn 2014.

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