RAV4-EV Lending Program

Do you drive a RAV4-EV? If you do so, and you use the RAV4Info program on a Palm to look at your state of charge and other EV statistics, then we have a very special collaboration we would like to propose! We have designed and produced several copies of a special board that sits between your Palm and the RAV4's OBDII board, and also connects simultaneously to a GPS unit we have set up. The board records all actual current and voltage information from your car, timestamps this data, and records all of it on a USB memory stick together with Lat/Long position data from the GPS unit together with barometric altimeter readings. In effect, you will have complete, recorded statistics from your actual commute. We have tested this entire system on our RAV4-EV in Pittsburgh successfully. We ask that you help us and create data for your own examination at the same time. We will send you our CREATE RAV4-recorder box by mail, together with a return shipping label. We would ask that you record several commutes and other trips with your car, as appropriate then upload the data to our website. We, in turn, will share with you all that you record in spreadsheet format and will use your commute as one piece of our baseline for national commute behavior. If you are interested in participating, and we certainly hope you are, please contact the CREATE lab director, Illah Nourbakhsh. It is really very exciting to look at actual power, acceleration and regeneration graphs and get a feel for real regeneration percentages for your particular commutes and driving styles.


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