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A project of the CREATE Lab at Carnegie Mellon University, ChargeCar is dedicated to open, community-centered teamwork for making electric vehicles practical and affordable enough to revolutionize urban commuting. You can calculate the cost of commuting with an electric car using your actual commute data, compare the efficiency of gasoline and electric cars for your trips, and browse commutes across the country. Learn More ›

Crowd-Sourcing the Commute

The 21st century car should adapt to every person's commute. Browse our database to see how commutes across the country vary in terms of speed, distance, traffic conditions, hills and driver behavior.

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Every Commute is Unique

Electric cars are engineered for one kind of average driver. What if you had an electric car that was customized to maximize the efficiency of your personal commute? Visualize an electric car solution by uploading your commute data and contributing to an open, shared database.

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