ChargeCarPrize Rules & Information

  • Competitors must write a control algorithm that takes as an input the current data point (including speed, acceleration, charge, temperatures, GPS location, etc...), and outputs three values of charge flow, (Battery to Capacitor, Battery to Motor, and Capacitor to Motor), describing the system's reaction.
  • The algorithm will also be given initialization data for each trip (including driver name, car make/model, car weight, starting GPS location, etc..)
  • Systems can use any publicly available source of data (traffic information, weather reports, etc...) 
  • Competitors may submit as often as they wish, but only the latest submission will be used for judging and the leaderboard

Monthly Judging & Prizes:
  • All algorithms submitted during the previous month will be judged using the set of data gathered during that month
  • Submissions will be scored based on the total savings of current squared on the battery (versus having no capacitor) over the set of trips
  • The top performing algorithm from an eligible team or individual will receive a $100 gift certificate to
  • The top 3 entrants will qualify to enter an algorithm in for the Grand Prize

Monthly Schedule:

  • All prior month's entries are judged by the secret judging set of data collected by our drivers that month
  • The leaderboard is updated to show the winners and frozen for 7 days
  • The monthly prize is awarded to the best performing eligible algorithm
  • All prior entries are open sourced under the MIT License
  • The secret judging set & new software is published

  • Leaderboards become unfrozen, updating daily
  • Rankings for this month are determined by the set published on the 1st

Grand Prize Qualification:

Competitors must qualify to compete for the grand prize by either:

  • Placing in the top 3 in at least one monthly judging
  • Being hand selected as a reward for community involvement, collaboration, productive open sourcing, etc..

Grand Prize Judging:

Competitors who qualified will be judged using some linear combination of two analyses, exact details being revealed closer to the deadline:

  • The Grand Prize data set, a combination of the private data set aside each month, spanning all drivers and cities
  • Actual, physical results from running the algorithm live on the Scion ChargeCar


CREATE Lab members, associates, volunteer drivers, as well as immediate family, are ineligible for Monthly and Grand Prizes


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